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Our vision

Stuc&Staff manufactures beautiful, colourful and high quality products that look good and will be preserved over the long term. And this is done using natural materials, which not only ensures a more pleasant indoor climate, but is also much better for our planet.

With Stuc&Staff, we return to the very essence of our business. Our products are inspired by age-old techniques that give entrepreneurs and painters the opportunity to present themselves as true craftsmen.


What we are doing

Stuc&Staff is a charming workshop that assembles clay and lime based finishing plasters and creates the most beautiful colours for finishing. Stuc&Staff is synonymous with durable, timeless and high quality finishing products made from natural and pure raw materials.


Natural purity
Ease of implementation
Breathable products
Available in different colours


Our products

Stuc & Staff works with pure natural raw materials and is inspired by old techniques and recipes. These natural materials are perfectly integrated into contemporary construction applications and are mainly used for covering floors, walls, bathrooms, facades... These products contain only mineral binders, a wide range of colours but above all a natural, warm and calm sensation.


This is a thinly layered plaster based on clay. It is easy to apply and works both on old plaster (on a lime, plaster or clay basis) and on sheet material.


This thinly layered lime gloss plaster offers a nice alternative to wooden floors or laminate. The material is suitable for (heated) floors, walls, and even - after a suitable finish - for the damp rooms in your home. With this product you can create velvety soft and shiny surfaces with a subtle and nuanced colour shading.

Lime Mortar

This clay plaster is mainly used on brick substrates. It is therefore an ancient technique to finish facades and concrete fences in a solid and authentic way.



Who we are

It all started with a painter who was plagued by headaches. One day he suddenly could not remember whether his daily route at the crossroads led to the left or to the right. That was the tipping point. In response to the generally chemical and synthetic composition of paint products, he decided to look for natural alternatives.

In this search he was inspired by traditional techniques and recipes. By experimenting combined with curiosity, Bernard developed his own pure working method with clay plaster and lime plaster. Stuc&Staff turned out to be a fact: a charming family business that stands for sustainable, timeless and high-quality finishing products made from naturally pure raw materials.

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